Annual Events

The following are a short description of the projects and activities that the Hannibal Jaycees are regularly involved in. It is meant to give you a little better understanding of what the club is about and what we do. If you have any more questions, you should ask the Membership Chairman or an Officer.

Recognition Night (formerly called Bosses Night/Installation Banquet –This event serves several purposes. All Jaycees are encouraged to invite their boss to this. It is for us to show our appreciation to them for allowing us to do the activities that we do. We also honor outstanding young community people as well as give out Jaycee awards and install the new officers. The night is a social hour, followed by dinner, and then awards. The community awards are for Boss of the Year (normally boss of a Jaycee), Outstanding Young Educator, Religious Leader, Firefighter, Police Officer, Farmer, and Citizen. Other Awards of Appreciation are given to businesses/people that help us throughout the year. The Jaycee awards include the Armbruster (outstanding 1st yr. Jaycee), Brownfield (outstanding continuous achievement), Jaycee of the Year, Project of the Year, Lifetime Membership, and various other awards. This project takes a good committee of 3 – 5 people around two to three months to organize. The banquet is usually held one of the last two weekends in January. **The Bosses’ Night part of this event will not be held in 2003. The Installation Banquet part will be incorporated in with a “Jaycee Reunion”.


Chili Cook-off — This event is sponsored by Golden Eagle and we supply the manpower to serve the beer. The cook-off takes place from noon – 6 pm on a Saturday, usually in the latter half of February. Teams set up booths where they serve samples of chili and are judged for prizes. There are various contests that go on through the day. We are solely responsible for serving the beer and we make money off this event, but also donate back part of our money to the charity the Golden Eagle designates. There is minimal work involved for the chairman and co-chair prior to the event, which involves getting a liquor license and insurance. There is a lot of manpower needed to set up the night before, serve during the event, and tear down the day after.

Winter State Convention (Lake of the Ozarks) — This is put on by the State Jaycee people and is usually the first weekend in February. There are lots of seminars and meetings you can attend to learn about a lot of Jaycee things. There is dance/party on Friday night, a luncheon on Saturday, an awards banquet on Saturday night, and another dance/party on Saturday night. Most of the Jaycees that go from Hannibal skip a lot of the meetings and go to the dances. It is a good way to meet other Jaycees from around the state.

Adopt-a-Highway — This is usually done twice a year, once in April and once in August. This is a quick, easy project. It involves picking up the trash on our 0.5 mile stretch of Route 61 (from about the Super 8 Motel to the old Poage dealership). We usually pick up on a Wednesday evening at 5:30 pm, right before our membership meeting. If enough people show up it takes about 1 to 1-1/2 hours. The chairman’s responsibility is to pick a date, get people signed up, obtain the trash bags from MoDOT (or previous chairman), and show up.

JAYCEE Scholarship — Each year, in May, the Jaycees award a $500 scholarship to a Hannibal High Senior. The high school takes care of gathering the applications and we then have a committee that picks the winner. This may change to where we let the school pick the winner based on criteria we give them. If that happens then there really is no work for the Jaycees.

National Tom Sawyer Days (NTSD)– From May until the event (4th of July week), most of our time is spent working on and discussing NTSD. There is way too much stuff to do to list here, but the main things that we control and run are; Fence Painting, Fireworks, Parade, Tanyard Gardens, Entertainment, Merchandise, and the Booklet. Other things we control, but don’t actually run, are the Food Booths and the Kiddieland Carnival. We also have control over the whole schedule of events, including those run by other clubs. Planning for NTSD actually begins in January of each year, and it takes the WHOLE club to pull it off!

NTSD Post Party– This is an adults only party we have for ourselves as a way to celebrate making it through another NTSD. The party is organized by the NTSD Co-chair and is usually held in August. This party has varied from a steak dinner at the hall, to an afternoon on the sandbar followed by a steak dinner, to an afternoon on the Busch Boat followed by dinner.

Punt, Pass & Kick — This event is the local part of the Nationally run contest currently sponsored by the NFL and Gatorade. The event is run on a Saturday in September, and usually takes about 2-3 hours. Winners from the local contest advance to the regionals, with a chance to advance to the State finals, and possibly all the way to the Nationals. The contest is open to boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 15. The boys and girls contests are run separately. Age divisions are 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, and 14-15. The chairman normally gets a planning guide from the NFL which shows how to run the event. The chairman’s main responsibilities include advertising (getting kids to sign up), trophies, lining up a co-sponsor (currently Peter’s Heating & Air), securing manpower for the event, running the event, and turning winner’s info. in to the State office.

Wing Ding — This project is our newest event, having started in October 2004. We sponsor this event along with Miller Lite and Jones Poultry. This event will be held each October and is a Chili Cook-off type event, only it is for chicken wings. The event is held on a Saturday and runs from 1 pm to 7 pm. This even takes more planning and work than the Chili Cook-off, as we are responsible for helping oversee the whole event, running the contests, along with serving the beer.

Christmas Parade– Started in 1989, this event usually takes place on the second Saturday in December. The parade is held at dusk, and runs a shorter length than the National Tom Sawyer Days parade. The chairman for this event is responsible for acquiring the necessary permits, coordinating with the Police, publicizing the parade to attract participants, arranging for Santa to show up, and manpower.

Glad Tidings– This project also happens in December. Normally a $500 budget is given for this project. This can be spent on adopting a couple families from the Courier-Post/Douglass Community Center program. This would involve picking the families, shopping and wrapping presents, and providing a nice dinner (either home cooked or catered). Another alternative is to help out some senior citizens. Other ideas are always welcome. Usually the chairperson and club decide together on which way to do this program.

Salvation Army Bell Ringing– This takes place in late November or early December. This is one of the easier projects to run. The chairman contacts the Salvation Army to arrange a date and place. Then the chairman secures manpower (usually 2 people for an hour). The chairman also makes the necessary arrangements for picking up and turning in the kettle.